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Make Lasting Vacation Memories

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Your vacation may last only a week or two, but even a short vacation can leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes, it’s the activities you participate in, like ziplining across the treetops. Other times, it’s the landmarks, scenery and venues you explore, like the Art Deco buildings scattered around downtown Asheville. Occasionally, it even may be the characters you meet along the way. If you’re lucky, all three — the activities, the location and the locals — combine to create experiences that you can tell over and over, relishing your vacation with every telling.

DSC_0046drum circle (1)







That’s the experience we hope to provide every guest at the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds. Whether it’s our luxurious mountain cabins, our proximity to downtown Asheville, or the surrounding area, you won’t soon forget your stay here.


From your first impression of our 40-acre woodland grounds nestled perfectly in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sad farewell as you head home, you will love every detail of your stay in one of our exquisitely furnished mountain cabins. We work hard to make your stay completely worry-free so you can enjoy all that we have to offer.


To help you lock down those memories, try a few of the following tips for taking home those memories:


Create a Vacation Memory Jar

Here’s a great activity for children and adults. Make a miniature mountain cabin world inside a glass jar. Fill the bottom quarter of the jar with rocks and soil you’ve picked up on the trails. Use a long, bent wire to place collected items in the jar, such as twigs, pinecones, moss and whatever curios you’ve picked up along the way. Secure the items with cotton balls and replace the top.









Upload Pictures Immediately

Since your cabin is equipped with a wi-fi connection, you can upload your photos from the day to your social media pages. While everything is still fresh in your mind, create an extensive online album, complete with captions for every adventure during your stay. Or simply email your pictures to your friends and family. You can be certain to make them jealous.


Start a Souvenir Collection

Did you know that souvenir is French for memory? You can collect plenty of souvenirs on your Asheville-area excursions. Pictures certainly tell a vivid story, but consider knick-knacks and mementos as well. Display them on your bookcase or desk to relive the lasting cabin memories every time they catch your eye. Asheville hosts many artists and craftspeople, so start a collection of turned bowls or handmade coffee mugs. Collect bumper stickers like “When You’re in the Mountains, You’re Closer to Heaven.” T-shirts like the “Life Is Good” line make great souvenirs and gifts. Finally, if you’re of age, collect beer bottles from the many local breweries.








Long after you return home, you’ll always have the memories that linger in your mind. And the tangibles will enliven the time you spent with us. Don’t let those memories get cold; return again to continue your explorations. Mountain cabins make lasting memories, so contact Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds to reserve your memorable time.

Sandy McLeod

Willow Winds: Things to Do for Adolescents

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Covered Porch where you can relax, rain or shine

Covered Porch where you can relax, rain or shine


When visiting the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, adults often prefer to enjoy the solitude and romance that permeates the mountain air. Sitting on your cabin deck or in the hot tub, listening to the morning choir of birds and gentle flow of nearby streams and waterfalls is activity enough for many adults.


Game Porch at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds

Game Porch at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds

Your little ones can busy themselves with the games and activities offered at Willow Winds. Or you can easily find engaging alternatives, like Splashville in downtown Asheville. If you’re dealing with moody adolescents, however, you know they can be more difficult to please.



Remember, here at Willow Winds, you’re close to many cool things to do. To help you plan your stay and delight your teens, we’ve put together this short list of exciting activities for your adolescents:


Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center

Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center

  • Rafting and Tubing: On hot summer days, teens can rent an inner tube to float down the slower parts of the French Broad River. If they’re aching for something more thrilling, take them whitewater rafting. From spring to late fall, suitable rapids are about a 30-minute drive away from your mountain cabin.
  • Haunted Comedy Bus Tour: 
    • It’s not just for Halloween! Your teen has to be 17 years old to ride this after-dark LaZoom Bus tour around Asheville. It’s a history lesson and raucous entertainment. The jokes and antics of the tour guides may make even the most blasé teen blush. The daytime tours are just as crazy, but allow 13-year-old and older adolescents.

    Photo courtesy of LaZoom

  • Orange Peel: Talk to us at the Willow Winds office about the upcoming shows at the downtown concert venue that’s very popular with local teens. The venue draws crowds of up to 1,100 for big acts like the Beastie Boys and lots of local bands. Named one of the top five rock and roll clubs in the nation by Rolling Stone magazine, your adolescents will thank you for the tickets. (And you can stay close at one of the many nearby restaurants.)
  • Hiking: Nothing’s more active than the outdoors. If your adolescents are
    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    easily bored — and whose isn’t? — try a more strenuous climb. Check with the Willow Winds office for recommended hiking paths of various levels.

  • Creative Dining: Plenty of local restaurants cater to teens. At Posana’s, for example, you can sit on the patio while you’re serenaded by street musicians. It’s also a great spot for people-watching in the heart of downtown. Asheville Pizza and Brewery is a fun location that also shows second-run movies. Ask our office for a recommendation.
  • Shopping: Take your teens down Lexington Avenue, and the assortment of characters may be enough to entertain them. The local-only boutiques, shops and music stores will draw them in for sure.


Navitat Zip Lining...Bucket list ..Check!!

Navitat Zip Lining…Bucket list ..Check!!

Don’t forget the zipline tours and bike rentals nearby. At worst, they’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and post pictures of their daily adventures with the wi-fi available in every cabin. They’ll (hopefully) thank you and eagerly join the family on your next trip to Asheville.


Sandy McLeod

Hiking the Blue Ridge

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Hiking the Blue Ridge



If you are looking for a nice close place to hike without even getting in your car, look no further than Willow Winds. Our property backs up to the Mountains to the Sea trail as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you are looking for a early morning hike or run before the rest of the family wakes up or want to do a family hike but stay close to home we have the trail for you.

Many guests at the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds are outdoor enthusiasts who welcome a challenging hike. They revel in the strain of climbing up steep, winding paths. Other guests prefer a gentle walk through blue-misted, rolling trails. They prefer to catch the sights that aren’t that far from the overlooks off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


No matter what your proclivity, you’ll find suitable hiking opportunities on some of the most spectacular trails of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Asheville, North Carolina, is one of just two cities that the Parkway skirts. (The other is Roanoke, Virginia.) This proximity affords Asheville easily accessible trails with breathtaking views.


The two most famous trails — the Appalachian Trail and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail — lie just off the Parkway roads. Since you can find information on these trails almost everywhere, described below are several lesser-known but no less beautiful trails. Visit the Willow Winds office to talk to one of our staff members about finding a trail to suit your level of determination.













This easy 0.8-mile hike is an educational experience. The self-guided interpretive trail teaches you about the effects of acid rain on deforestation. It’s an easy hike that explores the highest, most northern area in the South. There’s a shelter lodge in the first leg of the trail that was used by explorers as far back as 1850. You’ll also pass a stream that is believed to be the highest stream in the eastern United States. Find the Balsam Nature Trail off the Parkway at milepost 355.


The Craggy Pinnacle Trail

The trailhead for this trail is at milepost 364, just north of the Visitor’s Center. It’s a short hike, only 1.4 miles roundtrip. Although moderately difficult, the trail has two resting benches along the way if you need them. At the peak 5,892 feet above sea level, you’ll find a 360-degree view of the mountains, dominated by the Mt. Mitchell range.

BRK. LR.226








Linville Falls Trail

Some of the most popular hiking trails near Asheville are the three hikes at milepost 316 that take you to various views of the Linville Falls. While these trails require about a two-hour drive to reach, they are well worth the wait. You can hike an easy or moderate trail for one or two miles roundtrip to view the Parkway’s biggest waterfall, 100 feet of foaming, thunderous scenery. Signs lead to views from the top of the falls and across the river to the sides.












Douglas Falls Trail

If you want to leave the comfort of the hot tub in your cabin and stretch your legs on a strenuous hike, try the Douglas Falls Trail at milepost 363. The 7.2-mile roundtrip hike takes you through steep, rugged virgin forest down switchbacks past Cascade Falls and ends at Douglas Falls. This trail is one of the best hikes plummeting to the floor of the Pisgah National Forest’s Craggy Mountain Scenic Area.


Sandy McLeod

Parkway now Opened to Mt. Mitchell

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The nearly 20-mile section from Ox Creek Road at Milepost 376 north of Asheville to the entrance at Mount Mitchell State Park at Milepost 355 had been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic since November. Heavy rain through spring and into July opened what became commonly known as the crack, a roughly 6-inch wide, 300-foot-long gash that reached several feet deep and ran along the parkway’s centerline just north of the Tanbark Ridge Tunnel. Last year, for the first time in more than 20 years, the parkway lost its billing as the most popular site out of 400 units in the National Park Service. Now the closed section of the Parkway has reopened and in a month in advance for the different camp grounds and state parks that will be opening up. The popular Craggy Gardens Visitor Center and Picnic Area, at Milepost 364, will open May 9. Linville Falls Campground (MP 316) and Mount Pisgah Campground (MP 408) will also open May 9, The Crabtree Falls Campground (MP 339). So come join us at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds and enjoy the reopened section of the Parkway!


Sandy McLeod

Asheville Area Events in May

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Asheville, North Carolina, is a busy place in the warm weather. Everyone emerges from the cocoon of winter for a variety of area events. The month of May offers its share of special events and festivals.

Downtown Asheville Art District

1395240049Do you like art? On the first Friday of every summer month, more than 20 galleries open their doors to visitors for an art walk in downtown Asheville. See fine crafts, folk art, glasswork, jewelry, photography, paintings, metalwork, textiles and more. Participate from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.


The Circus Comes to Town

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey: Super Circus Heroes arrives in Asheville on May 8 for a four-day stay at the U.S. Cellular Center. Great for kids of all ages, this show offers acrobatics, clowns and of course, elephants! Learn more.









LEAF Returns

May 8–11 brings the spring version of this musical, multicultural, artistic outdoor adventure back to nearby Black Mountain. LEAF, which stands for Lake Eden Arts Festival, has gained international acclaim for its family-friendly music and arts weekend events. Tickets are available for daily visits, so you can still enjoy the luxury of your mountain cabin. Learn more.






Whole Bloomin’ Thing Festival

Waynesville is normally a quaint little town, but on May 10, they invited artisans and growers to the Historic Frog Level to share their knowledge and crafts. Music and food is also available throughout the day. Frog Level is a revitalized area of old Waynesville.


Hooker Falls at Dupont State Park

Hooker Falls at Dupont
State Park

Tour de Falls

Visit four spectacular waterfalls in the DuPont State Recreational Forest. This 12-mile shuttle bus trip provides a guided tour of Triple Falls, High Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Julia. Learn more.


Downtown After 5  McLeod-20130621-0001-LR

Asheville’s free monthly music event celebrates the return of summer weather on May 16, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, with St. Paul and The Broken Bones with The Broadcast. These street concerts are often loud and crowded, so return to your quiet cabin afterward to rejuvenate.

downtown after 5











Montford Music and Arts Festival

Asheville prides itself for hosting festivals almost every weekend throughout the summer. On May 17, this neighborhood fête features over 100 artists and vendors showing off their crafts. Music, food and more make this a fun time for the whole family.


Mountain Sports Festival

Who said sports and music don’t mix? At Asheville’s Carrier Park on May 23, this weekend fest kicks off with music, food and events for all ages. Participate in races while exploring the terrain, environment and unique culture of Asheville. Learn more.








Black Mountain Arts & Crafts Show

See more than 65 juried artists show off their arts and crafts in the middle of Historic Black Mountain, a short drive from the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds. The two-day festival begins on May 31 at 10:00 am, and it promises to be a fun way to spend some time. With music and food, of course.


All events are within an easy drive from your luxury cabin in Asheville. Go out and explore the area; your cabin will be waiting when you return.


Sandy McLeod

Tubing The French Broad

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Photo Courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center

Photo Courtesy of
Asheville Outdoor Center

If the day you’ve scheduled for a hike turns a little too warm, you have other options here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. If you still want to be outdoors, you don’t have to resort to shopping trips and air-conditioned stores just because the temperature takes an unexpected jump.

Remember that Asheville sits on the banks of the French Broad River.

A Recreational River

Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center

Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center

That’s right: water sports. Further upstream, the French Broad offers Class II and Class III rapids, which are manageable for families with young teens. You can find information about whitewater rafting, boat rentals and other water-related activities elsewhere on this website.

By the time the French Broad River reaches Asheville, it settles into a wide, flat body of water with a healthy current — perfect for tubing on a hot day.

Tubing Is Not a Sport

Photo courtesy of Asheville Fun Center

Photo courtesy of Asheville Fun Center

Tubing is one of those activities that on the surface sounds like a lot of work. People who believe that it’s challenging have never been tubing. Consider this: you have a large inflated tube and the river. You put the tube on the river, climb on and let the river do the work.



It’s fun for the whole family, although it may not be appropriate for children under four. If older children aren’t satisfied just drifting down the river, they can spin their tubes or try to paddle more furiously … but they won’t get there any faster. And the river lets you keep everyone within sight at all times.

Meanwhile, the tree-lined banks roll by with the mountains in the distance. The water is cool on a hot day, and you can get as wet as you like — just hold on to your tube!

A river trip by inflatable tube can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on where you get in and how fast the river is flowing. There are about five river tubing companies in and around Asheville. Check in with the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds office for details if you want to plan a trip, even at the last moment.

All you need to bring is your swimsuit, waterproof footwear (no flip-flops), sunscreen and maybe a big floppy hat. Hey, you’re floating on a river in a tube; you don’t have to look like a celebrity. In Asheville, where the French Broad flows backward, from south to north, weird is the new normal. So if you don’t own a big floppy hat, buy one just for this adventure.

Tubing is a fun activity that will break up your day and cool you off. Make sure your digital camera is waterproof, and then get some memorable snapshots of the family. When will be the next time you see everyone having fun together while wearing those big floppy hats?


Sandy McLeod

When All You Need Is a 1-Bedroom Cabin

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The Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds is a mountain property with onsite amenities like:

  •  A hot tub in every cabin
  • Gardens and paths lined with more than a million flowers
  • Hiking trails to the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Cut and stacked firewood for your wood-burning fireplace
  • A trout pond and fountains

Willow Winds lies within city limits, so downtown Asheville and the Biltmore Estate are only a few minutes away. But when you stand on your deck with Cherry Blossom Lane behind you, the property becomes a lush, romantic setting that can push thoughts of the city out of your mind. The chirping birds and the bubbling stream confirm what you already feel.

The grounds can inspire you to set off on a scenic hike or take a nap in a hammock, but it’s the luxury cabins that get all the attention. With 25 cabins on the 40-acre site, you can be assured of your privacy. If all you need is one bedroom, you’re in luck: all the cabins on Cherry Blossom Lane have just one.

Cabins of Cherry Blossom Lane

Andrew’s Attic is a modern cabin with all the amenities you have come to expect at Willow Winds. Its wide deck, outfitted with rocking chairs and an outdoor dining table, overlooks a pristine forest landscape below. The nurturing comfort and the unbeatable view can’t be beat. Nestled in this tastefully decorated luxury cabin, you may never want to leave.


Andrew's living room

Andrew’s Dinning room







Andrew's bedroom

Andrew’s bedroom







Andrew's living room

Andrew’s living room















Jen’s Jewel is a picturesque cabin that exudes charm. Its wood-paneled cathedral ceiling gives it a cozy cabin setting, and the backyard hammock urges you to kick back. Surrounded by virgin forest, it’s an ideal location for viewing wildlife, such as wild turkey and even deer. Day or night, the sounds of nature, including the sound of falling water nearby, can melt the stress from body and mind.


Jens Jewel's hottube

Jens Jewel’s hot-tub






Jens Jewel's living room

Jen’s Jewels living room







Jens Jewel's bedroom

Jen’s Jewels bedroom














Kathy’s Cabin is one of the most spacious one-bedroom cabins on the property. Its wood-paneled cathedral ceiling and large windows makes it seem even larger. Its location offers privacy, and the forest views inspire romance. The lower-floor bedroom suite makes even a large hotel room feel like a walk-in closet by comparison. Its luxury will spoil you.

Kathy's dinning room and kitchen

Kathy’s dinning room and kitchen






Kathy's back porch

Kathy’s back porch







Kathy's cabin bedroom

Kathy’s cabin bedroom 














Larry’s Mountain Lodge sits on the far end of Cherry Blossom Lane, making it one of our most private mountain cabins. An ideal setting for a romantic retreat, this cozy cabin is tucked into the forest, where the sounds of nature will transport you to another time. This mountain cabin is a recent addition, so it offers thoroughly modern amenities.

Outside of Larrys Lodge

Outside of Larry’s Lodge





Upstairs in Larrys Lodge

Upstairs in Larry’s Lodge





Larrys Lodge's kitchen

Larry’s Lodge kitchen


Sandy McLeod

Romance, Asheville Style

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The Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds are tucked away in the mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina — within city limits, yet within walking distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway. When you pull up to your luxury cabin and step out of your car, the clean, fresh air of the mountains envelopes you. As you breathe in and out, your worries dissolve.

McLeod-20140401-0102-LRYou take your partner’s hand and smile. Nearby, you hear the fountains and the singing birds. Wordlessly, you enter your cabin, where each amenity somehow amazes you. You expected it, of course, but touching the leather furniture makes it real. Opening the door to the deck and stepping out, you can feel yourself fall … into the romantic aura that embodies Willow Winds.

Light a fire in your fireplace with the fresh wood on your porch or soak with your partner in the private outdoor hot tub. Watch a movie while enjoying a catered meal and good wine or just sit on the deck and enjoy the views. The romantic spell lingers no matter what you do.

Pat's Place fireplace

Pat’s Place fireplace


When you’re ready to explore Asheville, let us direct you to one of the city’s romantic dining spots. Try a couples-oriented activity — an intimate adventure that will deepen your mood. Do as much as you want or as little; your mountain cabin will be waiting for you at the end of another romantic day.


Carriage Rides at Biltmore

Call ahead at least three or four days to make a reservation for a private carriage ride through the Biltmore Estate. The 90-minute tour in an elegant carriage pulled by Belgium draft horses takes you through the magnificent grounds. Then head to the Biltmore Winery for a bottle, the Inn on Biltmore Estate for high tea, or any of the superb restaurants for a meal.

Spa Theology

Photo courtesy of Spa Theology

Photo courtesy of Spa Theology

In the heart of downtown Asheville, Spa Theology has a dedicated couples’ room where you each can get the massage or treatment of your choice. The spa allows couples to enjoy their treatments side-by-side at no additional charge. Options range from an aromatherapy body wrap to a manicure, as well as a variety of deep or pleasing massage treatments.


Sunset Terrace at Omni Grove Park Inn

If we make your reservation for 7:00 or 7:30, you’ll be seated in time to witness a spectacular sunset from the open terrace at the 100-year-old Omni Grove Park Inn. The restaurant features an award-winning wine list, regional dishes, hand-cut steaks and seafood. And it’s only about 20 minutes from your cabin.


French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Photo Courtesy of French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Photo Courtesy of
French Broad Chocolate

Roses are beautiful, but chocolate can melt your heart. The French Broad Chocolate Lounge in downtown Asheville serves up sinfully decadent delights. Enjoy a rich cup of ganache-based sipping chocolate while you share a big piece of Quintessential Chocolate Cake. Splitting a plate of their truffles can spark intimate pleasures, as long as you can agree on who gets that last piece.


Romance means different things to different people, but romance Asheville style means creating memories that will make you smile even after many years.

Sandy McLeod

Weaverville Art Safari

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April 26 – 27

Asheville, North Carolina, has a justified reputation as an artist’s haven. Downtown has galleries galore, and then there’s the River Arts District, where small artist’s studios mingle with large industrial businesses. Admittedly, not every artist in town is a rock star, but part of the charm is finding the proverbial diamond in the rough.


If you really want to explore, though, there’s the Weaverville Art Safari.  Who said Asheville has the art market cornered? Weaverville, about a ten-minute drive north of Asheville, has artists and craftspeople who deserve the chance to be seen. And that’s what the Weaverville Art Safari offers.


A Safari?

The organizers call it a safari because it’s a self-guided tour through the neighborhoods of Weaverville and nearby Barnardsville. Once you have a map, follow the signs to the houses and studios of many fine area artists. Forty of them, in fact.

Photo courtesy of Tacy Apostolik

Photo courtesy of
Tacy Apostolik


At each home studio, you can walk right in and look around. Ask questions. Get the inside scoop on that special piece that caught your eye. And it’s all absolutely free.


Brochures are scattered around the Greater Asheville area at many galleries, restaurants and hotels now through April. You also can find them at the information booth in downtown Weaverville during Art Safari weekend.


The Art Safari brochure contains a map with the locations and addresses of each participating artist studio. Follow the signs or use your GPS to find your way around. Remember that getting there through the streets of Weaverville is part of the fun.


Best Deals on Treasures

Photo courtesy of Tacy Apostolik

Photo courtesy of
Tacy Apostolik

Any experienced art collector can tell you that to get the best deal, you have to go to the source. That’s exactly what the Art Safari enables. You get to scout for treasures, and if you find something, you can get it at a reasonable price.


While you can’t bag any big game on this safari, you can purchase some art to take home. You can find jewelry, paintings, pottery, glass art, woodworking, fiber art, sculpture, garden art, and even furniture. You never know when you’ll find that perfect piece for your home.


Two-and-a-Half-Day Event

Like any safari, this one doesn’t last all year. It’s nominally a two-day event, held on Saturday and Sunday, April 26–27. The studios are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on each day.


Photo courtesy of Carla Filippelli

Photo courtesy of
Carla Filippelli

There’s even a preview party that kicks off the weekend. On Friday night, April 25, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, Weaverville’s Town Hall on South Main Street will be abuzz with artists and art aficionados. The event, which costs $10 at the door, will feature a silent auction of donated artwork, food and drink, door prizes, music and more. The proceeds benefit the Weaverville art organization.


Photo courtesy of Carla Filippelli

Photo courtesy of
Carla Filippelli

Sandy McLeod

Asheville Tailgate Markets

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Asheville City Market

Asheville City Market


Asheville North Carolina is blessed for many reasons. It’s a small, vibrant city in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it’s surrounded by verdant farmland. As a result, it has a thriving farm-to-table movement that involves several restaurants. Additionally, the city plays host to ten tailgate markets around town.

That’s correct: ten markets, scattered around town and happening on various days of the week. Fresh food never tasted so good and benefitted so many real farmers and ranchers. Here is a quick rundown of these seasonal tailgate markets:

early morning at Asheville City Market

early morning at Asheville City Market

Asheville City Market

This market attracts families and you can even bring your dog.  Enjoy fresh produce and meats, cheeses and eggs, baked goods, crafts and more. There is even live music. Saturdays from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm in the Public Works Building lot, 161 Charlotte Street.


Biltmore Park Town Square Market 

Biltmore Park is a new live-work-play community in South Asheville. Find seasonal McLeod-20140405-0064-LRproduce, dairy, meats, locally made condiments, snacks, body care products and more. Live music. Wednesdays from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.


East Asheville Tailgate Market

East Asheville includes neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Haw Creek. Fresh vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs, chocolates, plants and flowers, candles, breads, jams, berries and hand-crafted wooden ware. Fridays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at 954 Tunnel Road.


French Broad Food Co-op Tailgate Market

McLeod-20140405-0066-LRRun by a local food co-operative, this market on the southern edge of downtown Asheville offers produce, breads, meats, cheeses, flowers, mushrooms and cakes, as well as prepared foods. Wednesdays from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at 76 Biltmore Avenue.


Montford Farmers Market

Located behind the Asheville Visitor’s Center at 36 Montford Avenue, this small market has fruits and vegetables, baked goods, wood-fired breads, meats, goat cheese, handmade soaps and more. Wednesdays from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.


North Asheville Tailgate Market

This popular market attracts a college crowd as well as affluent families. Fresh produce, flowers, local crafts, baked goods and more. Live music. Saturdays from 8:00 am until noon on the lower level of parking lot “C” on the UNCA campus.


Oakley Farmers Market

Oakley is an old neighborhood southeast of downtown. This small market offers locally grown produce, crafts and prepared food on Thursdays from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at 607 Fairview Road.


Weaverville Tailgate Market

A small town north of Asheville, Weaverville is a charming place to spend an afternoon at the market. Produce, meats, seafood, eggs, baked goods, plants, jams and jellies. Wednesdays from 2:30 to 6:30 pm at 60 Lakeshore Drive, right off Route 19 by Lake Louise.


West Asheville Tailgate Market

West Asheville has a personality of its own. Its market reflects that, featuring common and exotic produce, pastries, coffee and tea, fish, flowers, herbal products and desserts. Tuesdays from 3:30 to 6:30 pm at 718 Haywood Road.


Western North Carolina Farmers Market

Open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, this is the mother of all markets. It has a deli, a restaurant and a garden center. Fresh fruits and vegetables, jams, cheeses, baked goods, homemade fudge, crafts, flowers and plants. At 570 Brevard Road, right off I-40.