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5 Tips to Improve Your Stay

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Vacations are limited. Since you have a finite number of days to enjoy yourself, you don’t want to leave your Asheville cabin with any regrets. While relaxing in a luxury cabin can be a vacation in itself, here are five simple things you can do to give yourself a more memorable adventure.

1. Order Groceries Before You Arrive

Grocery shopping, like laundry, is one of those mundane chores you don’t want to do on your vacation. So let the staff at the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds do the shopping for you. Contact us in advance to place your grocery order — seasonal fruit for your morning power shakes, fresh meat and veggies for a barbecue or breakfast staples like milk, eggs, bread and butter. When you arrive, you won’t need to do anything but soak in the hot tub and have a snack.










2. Pack Casual Layers

Like many locations around the U.S., Asheville’s weather can be unpredictable. The days can be cool or really hot, dry or pouring rain. At night, you shouldn’t need anything more than a shawl, light jacket or sweater. And leave your tux at home. In Asheville, you can fit in anywhere with a casual wardrobe. Ashevillians dress up when they want to and dress down when it suits them. Comfort is the only guide. For example, if your plans take you shopping downtown, followed by dinner at a five-star restaurant, you’ll feel accepted at both places in a simple skirt and T-shirt or walking shorts and a polo shirt.

3. Reserve Special Trips in Advance

Asheville and Western North Carolina offer many fun day trips. As the area becomes more and more popular (thanks to the national press we keep getting), many tours get booked up in advance. If white water rafting is on your bucket list, please call a guide company well in advance of your stay to make a reservation. If your tastes run to the more sublime, call to reserve a spot on the wacky LaZoom bus that tours downtown. Call the office for advance tickets or order directly from the vendors.

Photo courtesy of LaZoom

Photo courtesy of LaZoom









4. Prepare for Physical Challenges

The City of Asheville sits smack dab in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Downtown may be nicely nestled in a valley, but its streets can be really steep. We’re used to our “little hills,” but if you’re accustomed to flat ground, a downtown stroll can be challenging. Even a day at Biltmore House may push your body to the limits, climbing up and down the storied staircases. Bring some muscle-rub ointment to soothe your aching calves at the end of each day’s adventure. Safe pain relievers, hot water bottles or heating pads may help when your body says “no,” but your mind says “more.”







5. Book Your Next Stay Before You Leave

With so many things to do and sites to see in Asheville, Hendersonville, Cherokee, Black Mountain and Hot Springs, to name just a few, you’d have to stay with us for months to experience everything. If you know when you’re coming back, you won’t have to rush to do it all in one visit. Browse through the unique boutiques on Lexington Avenue on this trip, knowing you can return to explore the River Arts District. Enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway south to Cherokee this time, knowing you’ll be back again to drive north to Linville Falls. When you leave the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, it won’t be “goodbye,” but “see ya later.”

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