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A Christmas Story

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You might be thinking, “I didn’t book a cabin at one of Asheville’s resorts just to watch a movie I’ve seen a million times.”

True, but you’ve never seen “A Christmas Story” like this.

The Flat Rock Playhouse, named the State Theatre of North Carolina, puts on a production of this holiday comedy classic that will have you laughing like the first time you watched Ralphie shoot his eye out.

This mountain theater house attracts talent from New York City to Los Angeles and features a state-of-the-art stage, lighting and sound system. At the same time, the 60-year-old venue maintains a mountain charm and the 506-auditorium remains intimate and cozy.

Combine that with a hilarious tale of a nine-year-old boy who desperately wants a BB gun for Christmas, and you’ve got a great evening out.

So, if you’ve never seen “A Christmas Story” before, here is the plot: Ralph Parker wants a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, but his mother and everyone else keeps telling him, “You’ll shot your eye out.”

As he waits for Christmas with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, he battle bullies, gets his mouth washed out with soap and deciphers a hidden message with a help of a prized Secret Society decoder pin.

Take vintage 1940s setting and mix with timeless adolescent coming of age.

A “Christmas Story” only runs through Dec. 22, so make sure to book your seats now. Tickets cost $35 per person or $33 for patrons age 60 and up.


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