(71) Vacation Resort Housing.

  1. Use districts: RS-2, RS-4, RS-8, RM-6, RM-8, RM-16
  2. The minimum lot or parcel area for development of vacation rentals shall be 30 acres.
  3. The maximum number of rental units shall be 25 units. In addition to the rental units, the development may include owner's residence, resident manager's quarters, office, storage and accessory buildings, and passive recreational facilities. Active recreational facilities (tennis courts, swimming pools, ball fields, and similar activities) shall not be permitted.
  4. Each rental unit must be a complete and independent dwelling unit as defined by the North Carolina Residential Building Code and include a kitchen, bathroom, and living and sleeping area.
  5. Each rental unit shall be setback at least 50 feet from front, side, and rear property lines.
  6. Each rental unit shall be a separate building with a minimum separation between buildings of 15 feet.
  7. The rental units must be clustered on one or more areas of the site.
  8. Each rental unit shall contain a minimum of 500 square feet and a maximum of 2,000 square feet of enclosed, heated space.
  9. A minimum of 50 percent of the site must be designated as open space and shall remain undisturbed except for walking/hiking trails. Landscaping, planting, and similar activities are permitted within the area designated as open space. Owners are encouraged to connect open space with the public greenway and open space systems and/or to provide easement for the public greenways within the development's open space area.
  10. For vacation rentals adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway, development of trails and other means of access onto the Blue Ridge Parkway shall be permitted only with written permission from the National Park Service.
  11. Services provided to the guests shall be limited to the cleaning of the rental units, the provision of clean linens, the provision of welcome baskets, and related services.
  12. Facilities and services provided by the development shall be for the use and enjoyment of the registered guests only.
  13. Maximum length of stay shall be 90 days.
  14. All units shall be accessed by a road which meets the standards established by the Standard Specifications and Details Manual of the city.
  15. The rental units shall be buffered from the adjacent residential uses with a minimum of an "A" buffer as described in section 7-11-3 of this chapter if existing vegetation is used for the buffer. If existing vegetation is absent or removed, a "B" buffer as described in section 7-11-3 of this chapter shall be required to buffer the rental units from adjacent residential uses.
  16. Tour buses are not permitted to enter the development.
  17. Parking shall be provided for the rental units as required by section 7-11-3 of this chapter. Large parking areas are discouraged; parking spaces are encouraged to be located near the rental units they serve in clusters of one to three spaces. Each cluster of parking spaces shall be screened with vegetation from adjacent residential uses.