Owners Sandy & Mike McLeod, with  Donna Henderson, Pat Fowler, John Fisher and Chris McLeod

How Willow Winds Came to Be


Twenty years ago my family was looking for a tract of land so that we could move to North Carolina and my mother, Sandy McLeod, could be closer to her family. After looking at a couple different spots around Western North Carolina my parents stumbled onto the land that we now call Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds. It looked nothing like it does now and there were two tenants living on the property. After some negotiations with the owner, we were able to buy her land and this is when the journey began. 

Willow Winds was founded  in 1994  on the principle of great accommodations and even greater customer service. We have always been and always will be a family owned and operated business to ensure that our core values will always be met for each and every one of our guests.

 When the original land for Willow Winds was purchased it had four run down cabins on the property which we renovated.  We started with the renovations of the smallest cabin on the property which was named Chris’s Cabin, after me.   My father did this renovation as a surprise Christmas present for my mother. Still, at this time my parents were not sure what exactly we would do with this property, but my father had plans and even bigger dreams. After talks with my mother they decided to renovate the rest and start a small cabin rental business. We then continued to build, bought two additional adjoining piece of property, and finally completed our building when we reached 25 cabins. The name Willow Winds came from an old sign they found in the woods on the property. Willow Winds later became Asheville Cabins of  Willow Winds. 


Now enters my Aunt Pat, who became our Office Manger.  In the beginning, she was taking reservations from her house with an extra phone line my parents had installed for her.  Later we built a separate office on the property so that our guests would always have access to information and assistance with their vacation.


As the business grew, we hired my cousin John Michael who would become our Grounds Manager.   All of our Cabins are named after my relatives, except the last four, which are named after my best friend and his family.

We now strive to take our property to new levels of beauty for our guests. Whether it’s the endless supply of waterfalls or the millions of different  bulbs, plants and bushes we have planted, we want every single guest to be in awe.  We decorate every cabin so that it is not just a cabin but a “home away from home” for our guests. Lastly we make sure every employee is happy and has a smile on their face and will go that extra mile to ensure  that our guests  have a vacation they will never forget.

We have achieved this over the years from simply having goals and going after them. We also have stayed family owned and will always be that way. When you walk into the office there is a good chance you will meet my mother, aunt, one of my cousins and probably even me. Family is important to us and like all families, we may have ups and downs, but we never stop loving one another. The close knit family feel is what the south is known for and we enjoy instilling that idea and value into our company every day. 


The next time you are looking for a vacation, let my family welcome your family to Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds!



 Chris McLeod