Lake Lure & Chimney Rock Park

We came here to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and we loved Andrew’s Attic the second we opened the door. The fireplace, bed & hot tub along with the romantic package warmed my heart. My husband and I plan on returning during the warmer months of 2015. Looking forward to returning and thanks for everything.

Marrise & Nicole (Charleston, SC)

Vacation in Asheville, and take a day trip to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock. Book a luxury cabin with a hot tub at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds. The resort is easily accessible to 74A, the scenic route to Lake Lure.

Take a 45-minute drive east of Asheville to the Lake Lure area. This mountain town is tucked in a quiet valley nestled beneath rocky outcroppings dotting the sky. The lake has over 21 miles of shoreline and ranges from 15′-115′ deep. The town of Lake Lure was featured on Good Morning America for its tranquility and scenery.

Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Park are in such close proximity they can be seen at the same time. Walking near the lake is flat and easy. For those who want to take short hikes into the higher elevations, the choices of trails in Chimney Rock Park are plentiful and well marked – though some may be a bit challenging.

Lake Lure: A Brief History

Lake with mountains in background

Dr. Lucius B. Morse purchased substantial acreage in the Lake Lure area in 1902 and proceeded to acquire more land holdings. Eventually he purchased up to 12.5 miles of land, creating the community of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Park. Today, Lake Lure is a quiet mountain resort nestled around the lake that Morse constructed by damming the Rocky Broad River.

Lake Lure Tours

One of the best ways to see Lake Lure, learn the history of the town, and see the unique features of the mountains and the shoreline is to embark on the Lake Lure boat tour. Take friends or loved ones along. It is appropriate for kids and adults of most any age. This will be a relaxing couple of hours on the lake. Bring a light jacket, because it can be cooler on the water. The ‘skipper’ will narrate a brief history of Lake Lure’s beginnings and highlight points of interest that are best seen from the vantage point of the lake.

A Stroll Near The Lake

If you do not want to take the boat tour, take a stroll on Town Center Walkway. The ½ mile paved walkway begins near the ABC store on Jack London Road and ends at the Lake Lure Beach and Water Park. Rest on a bench near the docks or water and take in a pleasant view of the lake.

Chimney Rock Park

Owl sculpture on wooden post

For many years, Chimney Rock Park was privately held and managed by the Morse family. Today it is part of North Carolina State Parks and is managed and maintained by the State.

A recent infusion of funds into Chimney Rock Park has created the resources to renovate the facilities there. Visitors can now ascend a brand new staircase with landings every 20 steps to take a breather and see the outstanding views. For those who prefer not to walk to the top, the newly updated elevator takes visitors up to the mountaintop. Stop at the gift shop for souvenirs and the café for a snack and something to drink.

From the top of the chimneys visitors can see a bird’s eye view of Hickory Nut Gorge with the Rocky Broad River running through it.

Hickory Nut Falls Trail

Family looking at waterfall

For those who enjoy a short hike to a waterfall, take a walk out to Hickory Nut Falls for some gorgeous mountain scenery. The trail is ¾ of a mile in and is sheltered by a variety of hardwood trees. On the way to the falls, see an assortment of wildflowers that are common to the Western North Carolina area and even some rare and endangered species of wildflowers.

Many hiking trails can easily be accessed from the Visitor’s Center. Request a map before setting out on the trails and be sure to bring plenty of water.

Book a cabin rental in Asheville that is close to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I’m sitting on my favorite rocking chair on the large covered porch ~ looking down the grass hill, past the herb garden to the lovely fish and fountain pond, surrounded by thick trees of every description including two of my favorite ~ Weeping Willows.

The grill is heating; waiting for the lamb chops I bought at the Farmers Market this morning.

I enter the living room with the high ceiling, stone fireplace, leather couches and rocking chairs; which many years ago was a one room cabin.

Sunlight filters through one of the long glass sliding doors which through the other I see my hammock waiting for me.

I’m home again; “Pat’s Place” is mine.



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