[caption id="attachment_1367" align="aligncenter" width="397"][captionCovered Porch where you can relax, rain or shine Covered Porch where you can relax, rain or shine[/caption]   When visiting the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, adults often prefer to enjoy the solitude and romance that permeates the mountain air. Sitting on your cabin deck or in the hot tub, listening to the morning choir of birds and gentle flow of nearby streams and waterfalls is activity enough for many adults.   [caption id="attachment_1322" align="alignleft" width="300"]Game Porch at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds Game Porch at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds[/caption] Your little ones can busy themselves with the games and activities offered at Willow Winds. Or you can easily find engaging alternatives, like Splashville in downtown Asheville. If you’re dealing with moody adolescents, however, you know they can be more difficult to please.     Remember, here at Willow Winds, you’re close to many cool things to do. To help you plan your stay and delight your teens, we’ve put together this short list of exciting activities for your adolescents:   [caption id="attachment_1478" align="aligncenter" width="386"]Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center Photo courtesy of Asheville Outdoor Center[/caption]
  • Rafting and Tubing: On hot summer days, teens can rent an inner tube to float down the slower parts of the French Broad River. If they’re aching for something more thrilling, take them whitewater rafting. From spring to late fall, suitable rapids are about a 30-minute drive away from your mountain cabin.
  • Haunted Comedy Bus Tour: 
    • It’s not just for Halloween! Your teen has to be 17 years old to ride this after-dark LaZoom Bus tour around Asheville. It’s a history lesson and raucous entertainment. The jokes and antics of the tour guides may make even the most blasé teen blush. The daytime tours are just as crazy, but allow 13-year-old and older adolescents.
    Photo courtesy of LaZoom
  • Orange Peel: Talk to us at the Willow Winds office about the upcoming shows at the downtown concert venue that’s very popular with local teens. The venue draws crowds of up to 1,100 for big acts like the Beastie Boys and lots of local bands. Named one of the top five rock and roll clubs in the nation by Rolling Stone magazine, your adolescents will thank you for the tickets. (And you can stay close at one of the many nearby restaurants.)
  • Hiking: Nothing’s more active than the outdoors. If your adolescents are [caption id="attachment_1548" align="alignright" width="300"]Blue Ridge Parkway Blue Ridge Parkway[/caption] easily bored — and whose isn’t? — try a more strenuous climb. Check with the Willow Winds office for recommended hiking paths of various levels.
  • Creative Dining: Plenty of local restaurants cater to teens. At Posana’s, for example, you can sit on the patio while you’re serenaded by street musicians. It’s also a great spot for people-watching in the heart of downtown. Asheville Pizza and Brewery is a fun location that also shows second-run movies. Ask our office for a recommendation.
  • Shopping: Take your teens down Lexington Avenue, and the assortment of characters may be enough to entertain them. The local-only boutiques, shops and music stores will draw them in for sure.
  [caption id="attachment_1545" align="aligncenter" width="432"]Navitat Zip Lining...Bucket list ..Check!! Navitat Zip Lining...Bucket list ..Check!![/caption] Don’t forget the zipline tours and bike rentals nearby. At worst, they’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and post pictures of their daily adventures with the wi-fi available in every cabin. They’ll (hopefully) thank you and eagerly join the family on your next trip to Asheville.