Labor Day Getaway   When making your Labor Day vacation plans, there are a few things you might look for, if you’re like most people:  
  • A destination th Labor Day Getaway   When making your Labor Day vacation plans, there are a few things you might look for, if you’re like most people:  
    • A destination that’s not too difficult (or expensive) to reach
    • A place that’s not too crowded but not too deserted
    • A location that offers a variety of activities
    • A Labor Day celebration that provides a mix of events for the whole family
    [caption id="attachment_1310" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pat's Place Living Room Pat's Place Living Room[/caption]                 It’s a good thing you’re not asking for too much! Fortunately, Asheville, North Carolina, provides just the right combination of events and options, and if you book your weekend at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, you’ll be exactly in the right place at the right time.   Asheville Events There is so much going on in Asheville over Labor Day weekend, we can’t list every single one. The events below have nothing to do with the Labor Day celebration, but everything to do with the celebration of life in the Appalachians, Asheville-style. You’ll find food festivals, music festivals and more. For instance:  
    • Baconfest Asheville
    • Beech Mountain Kite Festival
    • RiverLink/RiverMusic Concert Series
    • Asheville’s Ultimate Foodie Tour
    • Shindig on the Green
    • Bend and Brew Yoga at Wicked Weed Brewing
    • Boston (the band) at the Biltmore Estate
    • Asheville Wellness Tour at Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave and Salt Spa
    • Sweet Tooth Dessert Tour in Black Mountain
    • Rock Fest at Emerald Village
    • High Country Half-Marathon
    XtmSO7rmIK5dnZmU-3jRxjmHlHoJvFHIKuqhxP2V2QQ               In addition to these special events, there are the usual (and unusual) offerings around town, such as the LaZoom Comedy Bus Tour, ziplining adventures, the Friday night drum circle, farmer’s markets, art exhibits, rafting and tubing, fine dining, bars and nightlife, theater productions, contra dancing and Latin dancing. Furthermore, Asheville serves up more fresh local beer than most cities twice its size.   Labor Day Events Around Asheville While Asheville doesn’t have a water park, we do have Splashville, a playground of water fountains for the kids. Here are several more special festivals going on just for Labor Day weekend:  
    • Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival (LAAFF)
    • Labor Day Weekend Family Fun at Chimney Rock State Park
    • North Carolina Apple Festival in Hendersonville
    • Maggie Valley Labor Day Weekend Craft Show
    imgres               No matter what your preferences and regardless what your family likes to do, you will find activities to please in and around Asheville. There’s so much going on that you may want to extend your stay. You can; just plan ahead of time, as the Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds tend to fill up at this time of year.   Labor Day Weather in Asheville If you choose Asheville for your Labor Day vacation, you can be assured of beautiful weather. Rain or shine, the city is nestled in a valley, surrounded by protective mountains that give Asheville a climate unparalleled in the South. It’s cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and just lovely come Labor Day.   So this year, avoid the overstuffed parades and come to Asheville, where you can find all kinds of activities, from craft shopping to museum-hopping, from whitewater rafting to craft beer drafting. Listen to live music and visit with live animals. It’s a vacation you’ll never forget.