Don’t be afraid; Halloween in Asheville is all in the name of good fun, especially for the kids. Asheville is a safe haven for children when it comes to this time of year. The whole city makes it a po Don’t be afraid; Halloween in Asheville is all in the name of good fun, especially for the kids. Asheville is a safe haven for children when it comes to this time of year. The whole city makes it a point to treat children well and not to trick them. RlN60VeMzU6dpZ9z-QDhqXkCc01ObjNQXO0t-Q03KtE,yWy2g4sh2keyOYN7Z3wPwPINY4ayg46z9H-k_nfN-SM,HYgfV2ap0MixRokFPl6Q8OKguls6YLrwD8S-pce3_JY Then again, if you’re an adult, maybe you should be a tad afraid as you venture out of the safety of your cabin at Asheville Cabins of Willow Wind. There are creatures and features in Asheville that just might stick on you and make you move here — permanently. It must be true because it happens so often around this hallowed time of year.   Families fortunate enough to schedule the October 31 holiday in Asheville will enjoy the true spirit of the occasion in a variety of local events:   Neighborhood Treats Parents and children who enjoy the spooky side of Halloween in Asheville head to the neighborhoods known for really going all out for the occasion. One of the more popular destinations is Kenilworth, where homeowners outdo each other every year with extensive decorations and costumed candy-givers. Kenilworth lies just south of downtown, stretching from Biltmore Avenue all the way to Tunnel Road. ZieFPbQsBIW3nJ7TX1qGjgG7WUp_wIX7yVDZbzXB4xM Residents in the historic Montford district of the city also take their Halloween décor seriously. In the homes that participate, you’ll see scary lighting while ghouls and goblins shriek from inside. The holiday draws hundreds of trick-or-treaters every year. And the Montford Neighborhood Association provides security to ensure everyone has a safe time going door to door. Montford lies just northwest of downtown, starting at the Asheville Visitor’s Center.   If the weather doesn’t cooperate, head over to the Asheville Mall for indoor fun for the whole family. Stores participate in the holiday too — they take care of everyone wearing a costume with snacks and goodies.   Haunted Haunts Asheville will not be outdone when it comes to memorable haunted houses, either. Just 15 minutes from downtown Asheville, get your socks knocked off in the 8,000-square feet of terror known as the Haunted Farm on Townsend Road in Hendersonville. Prepare to be scared — you have been warned — as you spend 50 minutes walking through one of the spookiest experiences of your life. images If you have small children, another option is Howl-o-Ween at the WNC Nature Center (although on October 25). They’ll have snacks, games, spooky crafts, hot chocolate, a hay maze, and of course, animals! It’s perfect for little ones, as you can attend anytime throughout the day.   Nationally renowned occultist Joshua P. Warren leads Haunted Asheville tours all around the city. Learn about the city’s mysterious past occurrences and visit the Asheville Mystery Museum as part of the package. It’s guaranteed to raise goosebumps. Schedule your tour here.   Your Halloween experience will not be complete without a trip to Pinhead’s Graveyard, a must-see for fans of blood and gore. On October 16–19, you can even meet the original Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie franchise: R.A. Mihailoff.   Party Adult-Style Halloween in Asheville is not just for kids; adults get into dressing up and trick-or-treating every bit as much as the younger set. (Sometimes even more.) Asheville has a thriving zombie culture, believe it or not. And Halloween in Asheville wouldn’t be complete without an all-out haunted pub crawl that you can join at most downtown venues. Dress up and join costumed partiers at the Grey Eagle, the Grove House or Tessa’s. Prizes are handed out for the scariest and most original costumes. imgres Top off your Halloween fun with a ride on the LaZoom Haunted Comedy Bus Tour. You’ll join a rowdy crowd to explore Asheville’s darker side, driving through neighborhoods while the tour guide thrills you with tales of ghosts, scandals and mysteries that abound in this mysterious mountain town. Tour guides guarantee you’ll see a ghost on this hilarious (and adult-only) ride through Asheville. Book early because it’s one of the most popular trips in town.