Here in Asheville, we take our beer very seriously. Beer is our passion, and we are constantly searching for ways to highlight our local brews. With so many well-established breweries– and nearly as many new ones – it can be difficult to fit the ones you want to visit into your trip. Luckily, Asheville has many beer/brewery tours that are perfect for getting a taste of the variety and creativity of the local beer scene, while learning about the process of brewing.


Sierra Nevada Brewery is located in Mills River, NC (only 10 miles from our location) and features a beautiful, sustainably-built brewery in a natural setting. The property holds the large brewery, a gift shop, as well as a taproom that offers small plates of pub food made with local, fresh ingredients. Behind the taproom is a large green space for families and friends to congregate, and a amphitheater stage for live music. The tour is one of Asheville’s most popular, and for good reason. The Brewhouse Tour takes guest through the brewing process, from wort (pre-beer) to packaging, and the tour culminates with an educational beer tasting. Sierra Nevada also offers unique seasonal tours such as an outdoor Natural Resources Tour in the spring, and an IPA tour in the fall. Tours are made by online reservation only, and they sell out quick! 

highlandgaelicale Highland's flagship ale.

Asheville’s first legal brewery, Highland Brewing offers a fantastic variety of beers to suit everyone in your group. Founded in 1994, the once small operation has grown to a brewery with the capacity to brew over 50,000 barrels annually. A tasting room opened in October of 2010 so that visitors could enjoy the casual atmosphere of the brewery and try all that Highlands brings to the table.  An outdoor stage and bar are the latest additions, but the brewery is always changing and growing in new and exciting ways. Tours are free and available 7 days a week. These are first come first serve, so there are no reservations. 

Green Man Brewing Green Man Brewing

Green Man Brewing is a small brewery with a big reputation. A local favorite, Green Man has made a name for itself with its quality and loyalty to traditional English styles of beer. The brewery is kid and dog friendly, and very often there is a food truck in the parking lot. Brewery Tours are every Saturday, and you may reserve here.  The ESB is a must try for any English beer fan! If you want to visit the best of Asheville breweries with ease, a brews cruise might be exactly what you are looking for! Asheville Brews Cruise is a mobile tour (you ride around in the "brew bus") that stops by Asheville's favorite breweries. The educated tour guide takes guests through the beer-making process, while everyone enjoys several 4oz sample pours. Samples are included in ticket price, and designated drivers receive a discount. 

ashevillejacksonbuilding Beautiful Asheville NC

Remember that no matter which option you choose, enjoy responsibly.  Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds' location makes it convenient to grab a taxi after enjoying your tours!