We have had an exceptionally hot summer in most of the United States. Fortunately, Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds located in the  North Carolina mountains has been spared  the hot temperatures that have plagued the rest of the nation. The high mountain plateau on which our Asheville Cabins are located are generally at least 10 degrees cooler than lower elevations. This is especially true in the evening hours, when our temperatures  are in the 60's. One feature of our Asheville cabin Resort is to keep all of our roads in gravel rather than hot pavement. This fact, together with the fact that we are in a woodland garden, makes our cabins a few degrees cooler than even the official temperatures of Asheville. It is a great time to visit our cool Asheville mountain cabins in August, or in September, when it is still hot and humid in much of the US. Check for our August vacancies and our September specials. There is nothing like a cool morning hike in the North Carolina mountains . Give us a call at 800-235-2474 for additional information.