By Sandy McLeod [caption id="attachment_596" align="alignright" width="428"] This waterfall is one of the many water features on the property that comes alive this spring.[/caption] After a long winter, it is easy to get excited about the blooms of spring.  Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds is set in a picturesque woodland garden where spring is always a profusion of blooms and colors.  Some partially shaded areas and other sunny environments on the property are ideal for many types of colorful spring blooms.   [caption id="attachment_597" align="alignleft" width="416"] A squirrel surveys the woodland garden from a cherry tree in blossom.[/caption] To enhance our guest’s experiences while staying in these luxury cabins in Asheville, multiple plantings occur throughout the year. So, every time visitors come to stay at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, they always see something new. This may be a newly landscaped area, water feature, new flowerbeds or other types of plantings.  Each year, daffodils are planted in large numbers across the resort.  Two separate bloom cycles for daffodils occur over the course of the spring at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds.   Spring Blooms in Asheville in the Woodland Garden In late March visitors can expect to see the daffodils everywhere around Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds, because thousands are planted each year, making for a phenomenal display of colors to welcome early spring.  The forsythia complements the daffodils, which bloom as the weather warms during the daytime, usually near the end of March. [caption id="attachment_598" align="alignright" width="395"] The star magnolia has delicate flowers that bloom in April in Asheville.[/caption]   Blossoms of April are Alive with Color By April an explosion of color occurs across the Western North Carolina Mountains and in Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds’ woodland garden. The dogwood trees display their colorful blooms and the mountain rhododendrons begin blooming alongside a fresh new crop of daffodils.  Visitors can expect a dazzling array of color during April to include annuals such as: pansies, black eyed susans, snapdragons, begonias, impatients and more.  Look for the azaleas to bud and even begin blooming in late April.   May [caption id="attachment_599" align="alignnone" width="614"] The azaleas come alive with color every spring at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds.[/caption] By early May, the azaleas come to full blossom and the first whitish pink color of the mountain laurel begins to appear on the mountainsides.  Look for rose bushes and crepe myrtle trees to bud and flower during this heavenly month, too.   June In June, the mountain spring blossoms are in full swing.  See the wild reddish and pink Catawba Rhododendrons on Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds property and all the way into the highest elevations near the Blue Ridge Parkway.  While staying at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds resort, visitors will delight in seeing other flowering trees and bushes such as: butterfly bushes, magnolia trees, and heavenly bamboo, among many other varieties.   Are you and loved ones spending time at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds this spring?  If so, take some time out to take a short walk around the resort to see the fountains, waterfalls, and other landscape features as well as flowerbeds, bushes and trees in full bloom.   For those who may want to see more, the hiking trail at Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds adjoins the Mountains To Sea Trail.  Taking this trail is a great way to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains and take in some of the wildflowers in bloom in late May and throughout June.   Asheville lies on a plateau, approximately 2,300 feet above sea level.  The mountains surrounding Asheville are as high as 5,000-6,000 feet. Mountain laurel and rhododendrons in the high country bloom a few weeks later than those in Asheville.  Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to follow the blooms into the high country, as spring continues.   Book a cabin in Asheville this spring.