March 2011 Events

National Truffle Fest

March 3 - March 6

The National Truffle Fest (NTF) returns to Asheville. It is a unique experience dedicated to the celebration and promotion the gro ... Read more »

Atom Smash at The Orange Peel

March 4

Atom Smash is the kind of experiment that we could use more of in the world. Based in Miami the band formed in a fairly unconventi ... Read more »


March 5

This production is an illuminating look at the American Civil Rights movement. Highlighting Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boyc ... Read more »

Danny Ellis at the Grey Eagle

March 6

Every musician draws upon their own experiences to write their music. It’s unavoidable; part and parcel of the medium. Even if y ... Read more »

Corey Smith at The Orange Peel

March 25

For Corey Smith, one of the best things about making music has always been getting the chance to hang out and have a good time wit ... Read more »


March 26

The “Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet” is a side project of Rodriguez-Lopez. Taking some free time out of his busy schedule with T ... Read more »

Harlem Globetrotters at the Civic Center

March 27

Harlem Globetrotters, a famed basketball team that combines athleticism with comedy to entertain crowds, comes to Western North Ca ... Read more »