Asheville Symphony

April 10

Let’s face facts. A very small region in western Europe was responsible for an inordinately rich amount of wonderful music. The city of Vienna played host to some of the most beloved artists of classical music, and we celebrate some of its stars in April. We begin our evening by introducing wonderful young violinist Soovin Kim, who has garnered acclaim for his keen musicianship and technical ability. He dives headfirst into the arch-Romantic Brahms Violin Concerto, complete with one of the most poignant melodies ever written in the sumptuous second movement, and a vivacious Hungarian-tinged dance finale. We return after intermission with two masterpieces: one a serenade for strings known the world over, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, and the other a tone poem about a roguish imp of a character, always getting himself in trouble.

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