Danny Ellis at the Grey Eagle

March 6

Every musician draws upon their own experiences to write their music. It’s unavoidable; part and parcel of the medium. Even if you’re writing instrumentals, the person you have become over the years informs the music. However, I’ve heard few do it so directly - and with such an engaging story to tell - than Danny Ellis. Having grown up in one of the most brutal Irish orphanages from the age of eight, his songs throw the doors wide open on eight more years of beatings and general suffering with poignancy and a surprising positivity. Ellis himself refers to music as “my parents” in his bio, and they did a bang up job. I originally thought 800 Voices would be nothing but straight-up traditional-style Irish tunes, but it’s easy to see that Ellis has been influenced by pop and folk rock acts of the 1960s. Grey Eagle

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