Anberlin at The Orange Peel

January 16

Throughout rock history, from “OK Computer” to “War” to “London Calling,” third albums have defined careers. With the bombastic, breathtaking Cities, Anberlin’s cohesive and adventurous new album, the group puts itself in some esteemed company, with a modern classic that uplifts as much as it initiates thought and elicits emotion. The Winter Haven, Florida-reared quintet - who have watched its career rise while touring with everyone from Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance to Yellowcard and Hawthorne Heights - doesn’t just build on the energy and determination of recent singles like “Paperthin Hymn,” “The Feelgood Drag,” and “A Day Late.” Instead, Anberlin expands its grasp of what a rock record can be with the Aaron Sprinkle produced “Cities.” The Orange Peel

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