Clutch at The Orange Peel

December 31

On their ninth studio album, the Maryland hard rockers Clutch continue to grow musically. Due out July 7th 2009, Strange Cousins... sees the innovative quartet stirring up a sonic crock-pot of chugging blues riffs, punk rock grit, bombastic funk beats and raw, infectious vocals. Invite these Cousins in, and you'll never be the same. Singer Neil Fallon sees this record as a logical progression for the band. Describing Strange Cousins' sound, he explains, "This album is more stripped-down and riff-oriented. The songs really cut to the chase - getting to the jump and getting out. There was an economy of writing, and the instrumentation stands out." One track that resonated with Neil instantly was "Abraham Lincoln." He continues, "The lyrics came to me in a flash right after we wrote the music. Writing lyrics can be a whole lot of fun because you're given license to completely lie to everybody. I can imagine myself as someone else and say whatever I want. It's no different than the short story writing process." The Orange Peel

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