Canoe Trip

October 9

Summer has come to an end along a peaceful southern Appalachian valley as we prepare to slip our Old Town canoes into the water. Standing along the riverbank you can feel a cool autumn breeze caressing your cheek as the river beckons you to come and discover its natural beauty. Gazing up, the sky is spotted with white puffy clouds camouflaging the crisp Carolina blue, a color so common in the fall. The rustle of fall leaves cheerfully swirls through the air and softly lands on the river before the gentle current carries them off. Nature is preparing to settle in for a long winters nap and offers a magnificent array of colors strewn across a larger-than-life canvas. Experience the fall leaf season from the rivers point of view! This 3 hour guided canoe trip by Headwaters Outfitters will take you down the valley with the explosion of fall color for your entertainment!

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