Film Premiere—"Awaken"

May 16

Join us for the premiere of this important new film, Awaken, with the producer/director on hand for Q&A! The recently released documentary "Awaken," featuring Barbara Max Hubbard and others, is a groundbreaking, transformational film which documents the presence and wisdom of an array of teachers from diverse spiritual backgrounds on the significance of this crucial time of planetary shift, and shares with us how the current global crisis is an impetus to awaken to oneness, thus revealing the true esoteric meaning of the year 2012. AWAKEN takes you on an intense and intimate transcendental journey of awakening while sitting in the presence of a mystic sage, to experience the shift of 2012 without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. It features a documentary style portrayal of the teachers sharing their insights, interspersed with beautiful imagery, creating a vivid film that is both meditative and inspiring. "Awaken is a gift to the spiritual awakening through direct and immediate contact with awakeners. A very special contribution to our conscious evolution." -Barbara Marx Hubbard Renaissance Hotel 31 Woodfin Street Asheville , NC 28801

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