Big Creek/Baxter Creek Trails

April 22

The Big Creek/Baxter Creek Trails are wonderful natural history locales within the GSMNP. Wildflowers are the showstoppers on this lovely walk. The morning is spent walking along the Baxter Creek Trail at the base of Mt. Sterling, at over 5800 feet one of the tallest mountains in the park. Last year we saw 53 species in full flower in less than two miles – and not just a few of each. Yellow Trillium, Wild Ginger, Fern-leaf Phacelia, Wild Geranium and other spring ephemerals covered the hillsides. The afternoon walk parallels Big Creek, which many consider the nicest stream in the park. Here you can see Fire Pink, Crested Iris, and False Rue Anemone among many others. Birds can include Black throated Green and Northern Parula Warblers, Ovenbird, Louisiana Waterthrush, Red-eyed Vireo, Broad-winged Hawk, Pileated Woodpecker and many more. Some early butterflies may be out as well as a nice variety of ferns. For as little walking as this trip requires you'll see a lot of wildflowers, some old growth trees, birds, butterflies and two beautiful streams. This is a walk through beautiful scenery, but this trip does require some easy to moderate uphill walking. Bring good walking boots and binoculars.

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