Cage the Elephant at The Orange Peel

February 19

Music critics who have witnessed the eye-popping spectacle that is a Cage the Elephant live performance have likened the band's singer to many things, among them "a demented Bible Belt preacher," "a Tasmanian devil whooping and jumping up and down like a frenzied gibbon." And that's just frontman Matt Shultz. The verdict? "Exhilarating, 100 mph stuff," raved British indie music bible NME about one of the group's UK gigs last fall. Cage the Elephant's raucous live show — which made this red-hot Kentucky-bred band the talk of this year's South-by-Southwest music festival, and led USA Today to single them out as a band not to miss at 2009's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — is the perfect showcase for their buzzed-about self-titled debut album for Jive Records. Recorded over 10 days with Grammy Award-winning producer Jay Joyce, and a Top 40 hit when it was released on British indie label Relentless in the U.K. last June, the album is a genre-defying blend of rock n roll and raw youthful punk energy all propelled by Matt's taunting, Dylan-esque rhythmic vocal delivery, Brad Shultz and Lincoln Parish's furious twin guitar assault, and bassist Daniel Tichenor and drummer Jared Champion's rock-steady funk grooves. The Orange Peel

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