Medeski Martin &Wood at The Orange Peel

September 20

Transcendence, nirvana, enlightenment... the point at which every soul in a given space is focused in on the same vibration and all systems become self-perpetuating. It is a sensation that Medeski Martin &Wood have been chasing over the course of their nearly two-decade career. "In sports, they call it 'the zone,'" reflects keyboardist John Medeski. "A classical musician can get there by completely immersing themselves in someone else's music. We get there – and we try to bring the listener there with us – by improvising..." Medeski, drummer Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood have made improvisation their language – how they communicate with one another and how they communicate with an audience. Their genius for making even the most sophisticated rhythmic and harmonic ideas instantly relatable to their listeners, via long-honed group empathy and individual precision, is balanced by an uncanny knack for imparting the simplest statements with a profound resonance and clarity. In concert they spontaneously shape ideas, each performance marking the start of a journey whose destination is unknown even to them. The Orange Peel

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