Keller Williams

October 21

Longtime Asheville favorite Keller Williams will play a free show this Friday in Downtown. Williams is touring this fall, and his stop in WNC is one of a few free shows. He normally plays at the Orange Peel at least once per year, and also plays many of the local music festivals.

Williams gained notice for his unique one-man-band style of music. To watch him play is akin to watching a musician. He might begin on a bass guitar, with a simple funky beat. Then he records a section and uses a special recording device to play it back, looping it over and over again to lay down a rythym. He might do the same with the drums, then guitar. Then he might add some vocals. Things get really weird when he brings out a variety of instruments, from kazoos to bongos.

He has also played with local bluegrass group Larry Keel and Natural Bridge and toured with bands. He's expected to play a solo set in Asheville.

The show will be held on Lexington Avenue. Openers EOTO and Josh Phillips Folk Festival kick things off around 4:30, with Keller expected to play around 8:30.

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