Movies at Fine Arts Theater

March 4

Downtown Asheville has been blessed with a wonderful art-house theater, the Fine Arts Theater. This local institution has two screens and frequently gets independent movies one would expect to find in much bigger cities.

This week's playlist features a classic, "Bladerunner," and what may one day be a classic, "Persepolis."

"Bladerunner: The Final Cut" combines archival footage to recreate the classic 1982 sci-fi movie. Director Ridley Scott revised and released the new version in 2007. It comes in a little longer and a little bleaker, with an alternate conclusion that defies the Hollywood happy ending.

The Tomatometer on comes in at 97 percent for Bladerunner, a rare score that attests to this films stature among cinemaphiles. A new film, Persepolis, also scored highly on the T-Meter with a 95 percent.

Persepolis tells the story of a young Iranian girl who is sent to Europe to study at the height of the Iran/Iraq War. She must overcome prejudice of her Muslim heritage, as well as other adolescent issues. Based on the bestselling graphic novel, the black-and-white animated movie has a sometimes somber but ultimately uplifting mood.

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