Modern Dance in Outer Space

February 26

What would modern dance be like if it were performed in outer space? A show in Downtown Asheville this week answers that question.

Internet reviews of "Momix: Lunar Sea," playing at the Diana Wortham Theatre, often refer to the fact that dancers seem to be floating through the air, as if unconstrained by gravity. Comparisons to the deep sea and deep space abound, with the dark set punctuated by flourescent costumes, creating a mood evocative of stars or sea creatures. The multimedia infusion of lights, video, music and special effects creates a futuristic vibe.

Critics differ on whether the production relies too heavily on technical gimmicks, but everyone seems to agree the Momix dance company has plenty of athletic prowess. Considering the show has been hitting big cities like Boston and Sacramento, Asheville residents will no doubt be pleased to have the opportunity to judge for themselves.

"Lunar Sea" plays only two nights – Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $40 and are available through Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack Place.

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