Laugh Your Asheville Off

May 19

When in Rome... well, you know. So it should be no surprise that a standup comic who finds himself in a Downtown Asheville venue will lace his humor with politics and current events. Such is the brand of Tim Simmons, who will headline Laugh Your Asheville Off this Friday at the Diana Wortham Theatre.

Dennis McDonough, Tom Chalmers, Greg Brown and Joe Zimmerman will open. The event will also include additional performances throughout the year. This weekend's show benefits refugees in Burma hit by the recent typhoons.

Simmons has been on Comedy Central, Showtime, BET and NBC. He's unabashedly liberal, so his material isn't for everyone. But if that's your political bent, Mainstage Comedy called his act "the kind you love to chew on," and Twisted Radio called him the "funniest comedian you've never heard of."

Tickets are available at the Diana Wortham Theatre and cost $15 each.

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