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This is our 2nd visit to Andrew’s Attic and we find that we love it more each time we visit! It is a perfect get away – so romantic and peaceful! We’re counting the days until we can return!

Greg & Mary (Raleigh, NC)

Our Faces of Willow Winds Spotlight: Donna Henderson

We would like to spotlight the people that make Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds what it is, thanks to their hard work and dedication to our guests. Today, we are putting a well-deserved spotlight on Donna Henderson, the Office Manager here at Willow Winds. Donna is certainly not a stranger to many of our “Willow Winders”, who consider her not only a friendly face, but family.


How long have you been with Willow Winds?

4 1/2 years working here. But Willow Winds has been apart of my life for over 20 years. My Aunt and Uncle own it and my Mother worked here from the beginning. My Mother retired in 2014 and that is when I had the privilege to come to work at Willow Winds

What has been a memorable experience during your time here?

Every day I experience memories, and the reason I say that is because most the cabins are named after my family. Everytime I speak to a guest or one of our employee’s about a cabin a memory comes back to me. I love it when a guest comes in the office, or I see them out on the grounds and they tell me how wonderful their cabin is — it makes me feel honored to be a part of such a hard-working team of individuals, past and present. I loved this place for many reasons before I was employed, but everyday I love it more. It makes me so happy to see our guests visit and really and truly enjoy their stay and become part of our Family.

 What do you enjoy most about living in/near Asheville?

I love living in/near Asheville for the same reasons we want our guest to come vacation at Willow Winds. It’s the best of both worlds – We have the beautiful mountains and we have the City of Asheville. I can dress up and go out and about or I can take a hike in our beautiful outdoors.

How do you enjoy spending your free night when not at Willow Winds?

I love the outdoors as long as what I am doing isn’t too strenuous. I love boating, camping and reading. I have to say this, I love playing with my 3 Granddaughters the best.

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This was our first visit here and we love it. We hiked the trail up the hill, went to Biltmore and saw downtown Asheville. The accommodations have been quiet, soothing and comfortable. Thanks!

Michael & Carolyn (Safety Harbor, FL)


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